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Power Image by The Power Couple

Your Personal Style Experience

If you are ready for some honest feedback on what’s in style and what’s dated, take this opportunity to have The Power Couple as your power-stylists shopping experts. Don’t worry, you won’t have to purchase a new wardrobe during our time together if you don’t want to. You can have photos of the best outfits you discover which will take the worry out of future shopping decisions. Debbye and Michael will focus on giving specifics on fit, style, fabrics, accessories and more! This wisdom will save you hundreds of dollars and eliminate buyer’s remorse for years to come.

At Your Personal Style Experience...

  • Discover your “Signature Style” to create a positive, lasting impression
  • Learn how to eliminate buying mistakes
  • Find your “Sizzle” colors
  • Know how make classic choices with trend appeal
  • Improve your credibility to your audience
  • Take your professional image to the next level
  • Have FUN!

    I have really enjoyed learning how to organize my closet and plan out how many outfits I have with Debbye. I usually just end up buying cute pieces but have no full outfits, which makes getting ready in the morning longer. Going shopping with her has really been the highlight of the entire workshop. I was able to try on tons of clothes and get one-on-one attention from Debbye. I walked away with awesome tips of how to improve my wardrobe. I would recommend this to everyone in my life! ​

    Here's What's Included:

    • Wardrobe Wisdom Course
    • Your “Sizzle” Color Swatches
    • Current Wardrobe Evaluation
    • Your Personal Stylist Shopping – (no purchases required)

    I had an idea of what I wanted, but didn’t really know how to get it. Debbye really honed in on my personal style and philosophy and helped me to find the clothes that fit my parameters as we shopped. One of the best things I liked about it was that I didn’t feel like I needed to be a different size. We just found clothes that fit my body just right! Debbye knew what to look for and as we found the right combinations, my look just popped! Thanks Debbye!​

    Bring some your favorite clothing and/or accessories (and even a few “I need help with this” things). Debbye will give you guidance on what to keep, fix or donate. Come ready to try on lots of outfits and accessories during our shopping time! We’ll take photos of your “hottest” outfits for future reference. Debbye will share some of her “hot spots to shop” too! No telling what nugget you’ll discover for yourself.

    Katie Fehr

    The first time I met Debbye I was in awe. Her fashion style and color palette were fabulous…she was stunning. As she spoke about image and business branding I knew that I wanted and needed her expertise. I couldn’t wait to hear what she would advise me to do. However, I was just starting my business and didn’t have much money so I didn’t pursue it. Before long I realized that I couldn’t afford to not hire her.I’ll tell you it was worth every penny.

    I felt supported and cared about, but not coddled. She gave it to me straight about what styles and colors worked and did not work for me. It was such a fun and unique experience to have the feedback and guidance as I was trying things on. I went home with a personalized color swatch collection, and information that will support me for a very long time to come.”

    Delwin Davenport

    ​What a ride! Debbye and Michael gave me the full treatment I needed for dressing right and looking professional. They introduced me to some amazing tools that I needed for organizing my closet, shopping for the right clothes, and putting together a wardrobe that fits who I am and looks good on me. As we went from store to store they helped me understand not only how to find the right fit and color but also how to find the best deals. Trying on clothes was fun and I learned how to be more conscious throughout the process. Both Debbye and Michael made the experience fun and help me be more confident in my dress. And hey, I look good!!"

    Meet The Power Couple

    Power Couple in Bai

    Debbye Cannon was raised in the “beauty business” all 4 of Debbye’s grandparents were owners of high end beauty salons and cosmetology schools.

    In her teens, she had the opportunity to shop in the Dallas Apparel Market for the Enchanted Forest Boutique. She was also on the Teen Fashion board and worked in the sportswear department of her hometown’s leading department store.

    Her interest in fashion led her to attend a prestigious Tobe-Coburn School of Fashion Merchandising and Promotion in NYC. There she interned with Lane Bryant and Abraham and Strauss. Upon graduation she joined the Associated Merchandising Corporation as an assistant buyer. Her job was to shop the member stores’ competition and advise member buyers for stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Sanger-Harris, B. Altman’s, ZCMI and 26 others around the country.

    Debbye has been an outstanding leader in two international direct sales companies as well as owned her own businesses. Knowing how to look your best is an asset you can’t afford to overlook, no matter what your age or stage.

    In 2015 Michael and Debbye joined forces to mentor highly paid individuals through believe breakthrough process, business building, time management and technology for business. The Power Image mentoring is an added feature to build confidence on stage and off.